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Since 1998, Special Santa Letters has delivered 1000's of personalized Santa letters to children all over the world. via our "Digital Download Service.

We strive to provide all our customers world-wide an exceptional product and fantastic customer service.

We want to personally thank everyone for coming back year after year after year giving that one of a kind gift to Children a gift they will NEVER forget ... Special Santa Letter from Santa Claus.

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What could be more special, than watching a child's eyes light up, when they open up a personalized letter from Santa Claus himself postmarked from the North Pole, a gift they will always treasure. As they open their letter from Santa Claus, their eyes will begin to glow and magic will fill the air, a time to always remember so have your camera ready.

A letter from Santa Claus is a great gift for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends!. Each letter is printed on a unique Christmas stationery, personalized with your child's name, hometown, toys they want and a whole lot more.

I remember as a child receiving such a letter form Santa Claus, how wonderful it made me feel inside, to know that Santa Claus remembered who I was and that he cared - It gave me that boost of additional Holiday spirit we all seem to loose from time-to-time.

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Santa Claus is checking his Naughty & Nice list a few times this year just to make sure that "ALL" Boys and Girls have been extra good ... Have you?


Have been brushing your teeth three to four times a day?
Have been listening to your parents & grand-parents?
Are doing good in school and finish your homework?
Have been doing your daily chores around your house?
Have been friendly & kind towards everyone?
Help in feeding your animals without being asked?

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Here is what you get for only $24.95 per child Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnite! ...
Santas Star A Personalized Letter from Santa Claus Himself, Signed by Santa Claus.
Santas Star Authentic North Pole Post Mark form Santa's Work Shop.
Santas Star Your Santa Letter will come to you via Digital Download link, no shipping.
Santas Star FREE - Naughty or Nice certificate from Mr. & Mrs. Claus - $5 Value.
Santas Star FREE - Christmas Reindeer Food Recipe - $10 Value!
Santas Star FREE - Santa CD with of Games, Stories and Kids FUN book, Music - $75 Value!
Santas Star FREE - Over 1000 Recipe's from Mrs. Claus kitchen - $85 Value!
Santas Star FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOADING link sent to you World-Wide!
Santas Star VALUED AT OVER $190.00 - ALL FOR ONLY $24.95

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